Connected Farm Scout

Connected Farm Scout

Change the way you use GPS for field mapping and scouting applications in agriculture. Trimble’s Connected Farm™ scout app uses your phone's GPS for mapping field boundaries, marking flags, and entering scouting information for points, lines, and polygon areas. Select from an extensive list of weeds, insects and diseases while entering the severity of a problem, crop condition, and more. Photos can also be captured and integrated with your scouting information.

The Connected Farm scout app is compatible with the PurePixel™ precision vegetation health solution. PurePixel allows you to analyze the crop health at various stages of the growing season. These vegetation maps can display in the background to help navigate you to struggling areas of the field, saving you precious time with targeted scouting.

The app is flexible to use with any crop such as corn, wheat, soybeans, cotton, rice, vegetables, and more.

All data is sent via the cell or WI-FI connection to Connected Farm ( where you can view, sort, and print data online. The app is also compatible with Farm Works Software®.

• Calculate areas (acres or hectares) and map field boundaries.
• Utilize the offset feature to enter a distance between you and the actual boundary when logging.
• Display background satellite imagery

• Switch between logging paths, points, and polygon areas.
• Customize personal notes to various jobs.
• Enter data easily without a keyboard using the built-in pick list.

• Enter scouting attributes for pests, weeds or diseases and log the severity of problems and crop conditions.
• Capture and geo-reference digital images of pests using the phone or tablet’s built-in camera and GPS.
• View PurePixel vegetation health imagery in the background to help with targeted scouting.
• View previously logged scouting data in the background to help understand if areas are improving or not.

• Calculate nitrogen rates by using NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) crop readings from the GreenSeeker handheld crop sensor.
• Saves the geo-referenced location of the NDVI point.

• Manages your data by client, farm, and field names.
• Transfer your data to the Connected Farm where you can view, sort, and print your data online.
• Utilize your Connected Farm account to automatically backup your data. Never lose data again.
• Compatible with Farm Works Software.